Thursday, April 16, 2009


Welcome to the blog for Out of Control Off Road Raceway. Feel free to discuss any topics here as long as they relate to the race track.



  1. Hey everyone. This blog is here to discuss the latest happenings at the new off road race track in Amargosa Nv. Log in, join in, and lets have some fun with this thing.

  2. Test & Tune this weekend. Entry fees half price and cover both Saturday and Sunday. Check out the track site at for more information.
    See ya there.

  3. Hi, my name is Clay Woods. I would like to introduce myself as one of the owners of Out Of Control Off Road Raceway. It's a fun track, desert style with some nice jumps. I hope to see you for some inexpensive fun.

  4. Well, we had a few cars come out Saturday and they had a good time. The track seems to have held up well for the first run and we are really looking forward to more cars today. This test and tune was as much about getting the track right as it was about drivers/crew getting their cars right. We need more cars and plenty of feedback gang. You can't insult us by telling us what you think. This track is for you so let us know what you want.
    Come on out and have some fun.

  5. Im super excited to see this thing take off!! And Clay is definately the "Man" to do it!! Once its noticed by racers and fans it'll go HUGE! I cant wait to see that happen! Love ya Big Brother, and couldn't be more proud!! And thanks to all others invoved in movin this forward!!